Business opportunity

I’ve been asked to pass along the following information regarding a franchise business opportunity with Funtastic Play Centers…I would totally jump at this myself if I had the funding. But since I don’t, I’m sharing here in hopes that someone else, more financially able, will find a way to bring this business to Fresno. I think it is something MUCH needed!
For more info and if you are interested, contact Jim Kerr.

This is the information I’ve been given to share on the investment:

The main costs are as follows:-

Franchise Fee $15k (that’s a $20k DISCOUNT) for the first in Fresno as we have it set at $35k!
Equipment From $80k-$120k depending on what they wish to spend
Tables & Chairs $6k
Annual Merchandise $6k
Kitchen Equipment $5k
Point of Sale $6k

Those are principally the main costs – the cost turning a vacant unit into a Funtastic is usually borne by a landlord and factored into the rent.

Everyone we are in contract with is a ‘Mom’ and typically are also in a Moms Group – it’s a great way for them to get the word out quickly that they are opening a Funtastic Play Center in the area!

Very much appreciate you getting the word out – if we open up you will be delighted with what we offer!

Kind regards

President – Funtastic Play Centers Inc

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