Attention local homeschoolers & potential homeschoolers!


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The homeschool charter that our family enrolled in this school year is looking into the possibility of opening a satellite program in Fresno! (Its located in Visalia)

If you are a local homeschool family, or a family thinking about homeschooling…and this interests you, please mark your calendars for
Friday, December 9, 2011 at 6pm at The Discovery Center.

The charter is called Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center, and is based in Visalia…but we have enough interest up here in Fresno to look into starting a Fresno satellite program, so come join us at an informational meeting to talk with the superintendent and some of the educators (including their special ed coordinator) from this fabulous program!

ERCLC provides the best of both worlds: the quality of a home education, as the children enrolled here are educated at home by their parents or caregivers…but with free resources and guidance provided by the public school system.

Enrollment is free, and some of the benefits include:

  • An education coordinator to help you in your homeschool journey, as needed–you meet monthly with your coordinator to help guide you on your homeschool journey…if a Fresno satellite program is started, this meeting will take place up here in Fresno.
  • Access to 2 free resource libraries (1 located on the school campus at ERCLC in Visalia, which is geared towards homeschoolers, and 1 that is located in Visalia for Tulare County teachers)…if a Fresno satellite program is started, this is something that you would still need to drive down to Visalia for. But there is the possibility of families like mine picking up and dropping off items for you (I plan to still go down to Visalia periodically, as my children and I have developed relationships down there.)
  • Access to many online resources (many of which are membership based, to which you get a free membership as an ERCLC family, such as
  • Field trips and family education activities…also something you’d need to travel to…but some of these activities are around California, such as the Bass Lake camping trip they had in October.
  • Enrichment classes (completely optional…offered a la carte…pick the ones you want, or don’t take any if you prefer)…If a Fresno satellite program is started, these would happen up here in Fresno, possibly on The Discovery Center property.
  • A warm, supportive community of educators and families that understand the lives and special circumstances of homeschoolers. If a Fresno satellite program is started, we would still be able to plug into the Visalia community (which is WONDERFUL) as desired, but we would also build our own ERCLC community up here in Fresno.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment here or email me.

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