Are you coming to The Discovery Center’s Summer Kickoff?

The Discovery Center is having a huge celebration in just 5 days! Are you coming this Saturday??

Many of you know that I’ve had a connection with TDC for many years…I started as a TDC educator back when I first moved to Fresno (prior to becoming a mom). For years I stayed connected in various capacities…fulltime during a couple years of summer camp, teaching classes for field trips to TDC and “Suitcase Science” classes at many schools, as well as leading the Scientots program for awhile and then creating their Mommy & Me Playgroup once I had had my daughter. I went on to help found and organize 6 years of The Fresno BabyFest (which is now no longer happening) and currently I am a Trustee on TDC’s Board of Trustees.

So TDC is near and dear to my heart. I hope you will come and enjoy this fun FREE family event this Saturday evening and maybe you’ll fall in love with the place as well! 🙂

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