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I launched Fresno Family on Jan. 9, 2001, after looking for and not finding,  a local website that had info on local things to do with my first child. At the time, my daughter was a newborn, and I was very eager to get started finding all the fun things to do in the area with her as she grew. Since I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs, I went ahead and created it! I (rightly) figured other families would also like to have a website with this sort of info… And so Fresno Family was born!

It has evolved quite a lot over the years. You can view many of it’s past evolutions on The Wayback Machine, starting with it’s first archived homepage.

In 2019, Fresno Family evolved beyond just pages of lists of resources into a full-on directory website complete with business ratings and reviews. Since then, I continue to work on improvements.

The core purpose of Fresno Family remains the same as its inception: To be the BEST online parenting resource in the Central Valley! Here you will find all kinds of things to do for and with your children in our area, both free and paid options, as well as ideas for family outings that are within a day’s drive away.

So dig in, enjoy, and discover all that the Central Valley has to offer families with children! Also, share some of your own feedback!

And tell your friends and family about Fresno Family!

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