Product Reviews Welcome!

I am very happy to receive and review (if I like the items) family and children items such as cds, dvds, games, books, toys, and similar items. I am particularly interested in educational items as I homeschool my children, and am also webmama of the site “The Homeschool Realm,” and I cohost a podcast about homeschooling called “Savvy Homeschool Moms.”

Anything that I receive that I like enough to review (I don’t do bad reviews), have the potential of being shared on any or all of my blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and talked about on our podcast. I have blogs for all of my sites as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts for all of them, and they each have their own following. So there is a potential for quite a lot of exposure.

If you are interested in submitting any items for review, please contact me.

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