Product Reviews Welcome!

I am very happy to receive and review (if I like the items) family and children items such as cds, dvds, games, books, toys, and similar items. I am particularly interested in educational items as I homeschool my children, am president of a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit homeschool resource center “The Learning Village” (which, in addition to homeschooling families as members, also boasts a lending library of educational resources such as the above mentioned products), and am also webmama of the site “The Homeschool Realm.”

Anything that I receive that I like enough to review (I don’t do bad reviews), have the potential of being shared on any or all of my blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have blogs for all of my sites as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts for all of them, and they each have their own following. So there is a potential for quite a lot of exposure.

If you are interested in submitting any items for review, please contact me.

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