Trying to Conceive

The TTC “Bible”
First and foremost, I have to tell you about the most incredible book to help you on this journey to conception and subsequently motherhood. Whether it’s your first time or your fifth, if you haven’t read this book…I HIGHLY recommend it. It really is fascinating and will teach you more than you ever thought possible. I really thought I understood how my cycle worked…I’m an educated woman, I read a lot, I know how sex works, I know how my menstrual cycle works. Nope, I THOUGHT I did, until I read this book. This is really an eye-opener and I just can’t say enough about it, so here’s the book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. Best book you will ever buy on this topic, in my opinion. Most everyone on the message board I frequented when I was TTC was also using the TCOYF book as their guide, by the way, and I’ve run into people all over that follow it, plus its hard to get in bookstores since it flies off the shelf, so its very popular! And there’s a whole online community of women discussing this book all the time that will tell you the same thing. Toni also has a TCOYF website where you can learn more about FAM (Fertility Awareness Method), purchase Ovusoft, a fertility software program to help you chart your cycle, and meet people in their online community. This community was, I believe, created after I conceived my daughter so I never participated in it and couldn’t tell you first hand what its like. But judging by the number of posts, it looks pretty darn active! Might be a nice place to make some new friends!

Support Groups
While we’re on the subject of online communities, this would be a good time to share with you where I found a lot of friends and support through the whole TTC and later pregnancy period. I found the Deciding to Try board on to be very supportive and fun place to be during the exciting and sometimes frustrating days of TTC. At that time (late 1999/early 2000) we had a group of women that would all jump in and answer questions about charting and how to interpret charts, hold their breaths for each other when someone posted they were testing, sighed disappointedly when tests came back negative, rejoiced loudly when they came back positive and many moms-to-be came back after graduation (pregnancy) and reported on their pregnancies and subsequent births and children. It was a very fun and welcome place to be. They have since changed the format on those boards and of course I doubt if there’s anyone there anymore that I know (gosh I hope not! Hopefully they’ve moved on to the parenting boards by now!) But I had some really neat experiences there and was quite addicted to that board! There are lots of other similar boards out there, though, so don’t rely on this one if its not a place you feel good about…there’s a lot more online communities that I’m sure will give you similar support. Here’s some more that I found and have had recommended to me:

Fertility Boards at Baby Corner
Babyzone Fertility Boards


With all the above info, you are well on your way to being prepared for trying to conceive. Good luck to you!

And once you “graduate”, you can check out the Pregnancy/Birth pages for more info on a variety of topics that will be relevant to you!

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