Fresno AP Mommies

If you are a Fresno area local & practice attachment parenting, come join us!

We are a local group of mommies that have an unstructured playgroup that has been meeting just about every week since April 2001. We also have a variety of other activities as well as a very large (over 120 members) and VERY active online group.

I started the group in my home because I really enjoyed the local La Leche League meetings and the chance to connect with other like-minded mommies, and my daughter enjoyed the play time…but once a month was just not enough for us! We wanted weekly interaction! As a stay-at-home-mom, its easy to become trapped in the house all day, with no contact with the outside world, so I wanted to schedule fun time for myself and my daughter. But, as an AP parent, I feel uncomfortable around parents whose style of parenting is completely opposite of my own, and did not want to subject myself to the possible criticism (which I’ve heard other AP parents have endured) that I might receive from different-minded parents. Plus I feel so strongly against some practices that it really hurts me to see children treated in a manner I disagree with…and I did not want my child to have to regularly witness some of the “parenting” practices that are common out there, like smacking, yanking arms, yelling, etc. So, being that many if not most LLL’rs tend to lean towards AP, I showed up to a LLL meeting in April 2001 & presented my idea to the group, along with a signup sheet, and we’ve just taken off from there! We now have a VERY LARGE group and have added many more activities. In addition to weekly playgroup, we also have: park playdates, “Mommies’ Nite Out”, as well as special seasonal events. We also have post-birth support (aka “meals on wheels”) for those who need it following the birth of a child, a sling/baby carrier lending library, and a very active egroup. And new ideas happening all the time!

If AP clicks with your parenting style, and this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please join the announcement only group below and we will send you info on our activities! Once you’ve met someone in our group you can be moved to the main discussion group. We do this for security purposes only…not to make you jump through any hoops or “qualify”. Only you can say if you are “AP” or not. We just want to know you are truly a local mom, that feels she would fit into our group.  🙂
And click on the “Join this group” button

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10 Replies to “Fresno AP Mommies”

  1. Hello
    I am interested in joining this group. I tried the link located above and went through the steps in creating an account, but im having trouble joining the group. Is there another option I can take in joining the group. Thank so much for your time.

  2. Hi, I am a mommy of 3…6 yrs, 4 yrs and 10 weeks. I run a small in home daycare and would love to connect with other AP moms. I tried joining the announcment group but it kept kicking me back to yahoo…I am confused, lol. Can you direct me? Thanks!

  3. I am also a first time mum of a 9 month old boy. I have been wanting to go to a mommies group so I can speak to new mothers. I hope this group meets often.

    1. Go ahead and join the FresnoAPAnnouncements list that is linked above and you will get notices about the group’s activities. I haven’t been active on the group for some time as my kids are older now and participate with a local homeschool group instead…but from what I’ve seen when I peek onto the yahoogroup from time to time, it looks like they’ve got a pretty good group of new moms now that are keeping things going quite well. Melissa Hunter is in charge of both yahoogroups now and is very much on top of helping get the word out about all the activities, so you can email her via that group if you have any questions by just posting to the group and it will go directly to her.

  4. I am a mother of two girls, ages six years and three months, and am interested in joining your AP Yahoogroup and attending AP meetings; however, I am having trouble subscribing with the provided “join now” link above. I have sent a request to join via facebook. Is this sufficient? Thank you, and I look forward to meeting parents that share similar parenting philosophies.

    1. Hi Erica! Unfortunately, since we don’t have a Facebook group, you will be participating in a different group…Our group is only on Yahoogroups. But I just deleted the box and put up a straight link so that it will, hopefully, be easier to join us! 🙂 Let me know if you still cannot get into that group.

  5. I am a fairly new mommy of a 9 month boy. I have been searching for a group of like minded mommies. I believe in and practice AP because anything else just feels wrong. I look forward to meeting mommies who feel the same.

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