Tina’s Adventures: Fun field trips for homeschoolers!





Hello! My name is Tina, and I’d like you and your kiddos to join me on my ADVENTURES!

This is where I share fun, educational & enriching field trips (my “Adventures”), prepared by me, available for Central Valley, California homeschoolers.

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Possible trips will be: museums, factory tours, plays & musicals, science & nature centers, animal visits, camping trips, beach and forest visits, farm tours, and special event trips, as well as miscellaneous other possibilities. California is full of great things to do and places to visit! It’s hard to narrow them all down!





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**INSPIRE CHARTER FAMILIES: I am an approved Inspire vendor! So you can use your children’s educational funds to pay for your trips with me!**

The field trips that I plan and share here take a lot of work to pull together, therefore I do add a small fee per head ($2-5, depending on the work involved), even the ones whose destinations do not charge a fee. I do this to compensate the tremendous amount of time and energy I put into organizing high quality field trips for your family to enjoy!   It IS worth it, I promise!

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Check out the calendar of upcoming field trips here.

Just remember that things planned by me are things YOU don’t have to do! 🙂
I’ve done the work for you!
And I provide a wide array of fun and educational opportunities for your family!


*PLEASE NOTE…as I am a secular (NONreligious, NOT anti-religious) homeschooler, there will be no religious content in any of my events, unless it is relevant to the activity, such as a visit to a religious or historical location. Nothing ANTI, only a lack of religious content. All beliefs are always welcome on my trips, and I will do my best to encourage a general attitude of respect of all beliefs.*

*One last note: it is possible that evolution may be a topic on science related outings.*

Click here to visit my online shop of field trips!

Check out the calendar of upcoming field trips here.

In the works…Stay Tuned!:

Tina’s Nature Adventures–Nature hikes at various nearby natural settings, with nature journaling and learning some science along the way. Putting to use some of my SCICON Outdoor School trail guide training.

Tina’s History Adventures–Learning history through intriguing people, we will learn about their lives and the times they lived with many hands-on and interactive group activities.

Tina’s Technology Adventures–Learning about how to create and develop a WordPress website/blog, and learn creative ways to continue to use in the future, including building into a business.

These are just a start…there will be more! I will rotate classes in 3-6 week sessions, depending on the topic. And I will be providing these only as I am able and feeling inspired.


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