Fresno Area Charter Schools and Independent Study Programs

Note: This is an incomplete list and some of the info is pretty old, so if you have info to add or correct for this list, please email me.

Fresno Area Charter Schools

Here’s a great list to a CA Charter School list on A to Z Home’s Cool’s website.

Here’s a great link to a site that has a list of charters for Fresno County that offer home study programs.

Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center, Fresno Satellite located at the Unitarian Universalist Church (no affiliation)
Sierra Charter School (559) 490-4290 K – 12 — FYI: I’ve been told this charter has homechoolers meet weekly w/teacher and show 4 pages per week on specific subjects. “They would tell me exactly what pages to do each day and present them at the next week’s meeting. If I wanted to do something else, I was welcome to do that AFTER the kids finished what Sierra had instructed.”
West Park Charter School
-University High School CSU, Fresno
-Gateway Charter Academy
-New Millenium Institute of Education Charter School
-School of Unlimited Learning
-Center for Advanced Research and Technology (C.A.R.T.)
-Sunset Charter
-Dayspring Institute Charter High School
-Edison-Bethune Charter Academy
-W.E.B. DuBois Charter School

Central Valley Homeschool
-Little Red Schoolhouse
-Washington Elementary
-Lincoln Elementary
-Rafer Johnson Jr. High
-Roosevelt Elementary
-Kingsburg Community Charter Extension

-Sanger Academy Charter School
-Sanger Hallmark Charter
-Quail Lake Environmental Charter

Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center (Fresno satellite now open!)
Central California Connections Academy (CenCA) is a tuition-free charter school that students in grades K-11 attend from home.  We are open to students in Fresno, Inyo, Kern, Kings, and Tulare counties.  We provide students with high-quality curriculum, dynamic lessons, state-of-the-art technology, and access to a dedicated team of certified teachers who work together from our office in Visalia under the direction of a principal.  And, Connections Academy is accredited by CITA, the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation.  We are the only national virtual program with those credentials. Our program provides and viable and exciting option for families looking for a quality program with flexibility.

Foothill/Mountain Area
-Oakhurst – Mountain Home School CharterMichael Cox — (559) 642-1422 — FYI: I’ve been told this charter only wants to meet once a month and show 4 pages per month and “offer books for you to choose from and allow to teach whatever you want as long as you accomplish certain skills.”
-Coarsegold – Chawanakee Academy — (559) 683-0808
-Bass Lake Charter School

Kerman Christian School offers a hybrid of homeschool and regular school with a Christian emphasis. Our online Academy is accredited; students come to school for a half day (3 hours) and get mentoring here, then go home and finish up. They meet four days a week, Monday through Thursday. We provide tech support and encouragement for students of all grades 7 through 12. This is a great opportunity to be highly successful with online classes in an environment of encouragement.

Online School from Home

California Virtual Academies (CAVA)
We are a fast growing, (over 3,000 students) school in California.  We feature the K12 curriculum and many socialization opportunities including park days, outings, group activities, etc.  We are WASC accredited and offer a K-9 grade curriculum.  We offer world-class, tuition-free program.  Please visit us at to learn more about our school.

Connections Academy
Tuition-free online public school for K-12.

Independent Study Programs

(These are legal to use in California. They don’t generally offer curriculum, just a private school designation and record keeping for any authorities that may question you)

Fresno Sunnyside Christian Academy PSP–Fresno area private school satellite program for homeschooling families throughout the Fresno area and Central California. We provide a variety of services for our member families for a nominal annual registration fee. COST: 185.00 first year/135.00 subsequent years.
559.251.9403 Or email Mrs. Ruiz

West Fresno Performing Arts Academy (PACE Academy) is a state certified charter school dedicated to motivating under achieving students to excel and strive for educational excellence. All teachers are fully credentialed. The school has been in operation since September, 2002. It serves 96 children in grades K through 12 in a site-based program and 69 students in an independent study program. PACE offers an integrated educational model utilizing communications technology and the performing arts to teach reading, writing, math, science and other basic subjects to students in the K-12 grades. We also offer independent study.
559-229-7223 ask for April

PACE Academy
Manchester Center
1901 E. Shields Suite 200
Fresno CA 93726

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    • Jacqueline Cox says:

      Hi i finished may 27 2002 and am starting college At UEI i need a copy of my diploma. How can I get one

    • laura benavides says:

      i also am interested in any waldorf inspired schooling or homeschool groups. I would love to homeschool my daughter and pool resources with other parents doing the same.

    • Roekmini says:

      Hello, I am also interested in getting something like this going and know of some people that can help it get started if we are willing to put in some effort. Should we get together and talk about the possibility of starting a charter? They have one in Los Banos now.

    • Yasmina Vazquez says:

      Good day!
      I am wondering if you know of any waldorf or waldorf inspired school or program in central California area
      Thank you
      Enjoy this beautiful day

      • Webmama_Tina says:

        Unfortunately, I don’t. It has been tried several times to my knowledge to start something up, but it never gets far before it dies. :( If you do find something, please let me know, as I’d like to help promote it! Fresno really does need something like this!

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