Fresno Area Homeschool Options

Note: If you have info to add or correct for this list, please email me.

For complete info on all legal options check out CHN’s webpage on this topic here.

Homeschool Charters
(Public school Independent Study Programs/”ISP”s, or Public Charter Schools)


Inspire Charter Schools–A Personalized Education for students TK-12, engaging in the students unique interests, and preparing them for success. This is a local homeschool charter that does not have a physical campus, but offers funds to families to spend on approved local and online classes and curriculum. Also has specialty programs that offer on site enrichment classes.

Summit Academy–This is a local homeschool charter that does not have an actual physical campus or activities but instead offers funds for your families to spend on local and online classes and curriculum via pre-approved vendors. They also provide guidance via credentialed teachers.
From their website: “Summit Academy is a K-12, publicly funded charter school…Students use instructional funds to purchase curriculum that supports their personalized learning plan. In addition, parents are supported through learning styles Webinars and workshops.”

Mountain Home School–Fresno location: 777 West Shaw Ave. Fresno.  559-642-1422. Oakhurst based homeschool charter, with a Fresno campus. This program has a reputation locally for flexibility in what families can do within their program as well. If you are less school-at-home and want to be able to choose your own curriculum and what your children do within their school days, this is another option for you.

Sierra Charter School — 1931 N Fine Ave, Fresno, 559-490-4290, K – 12. I’m told this program works well for families that like school-at-home and don’t need flexibility in curriculum, but instead are ok with being told exactly what to do and when to have it done by.


Central Valley Homeschool–1776 6th Avenue Drive, Kingsburg. 559-897-6740.  Provide credentialed educational coordinators and online classes on Kingsburg campus. Many Fresno families make the short drive weekly down to Kingsburg.


Mid Valley Homeschool Charter–9895 7th Ave. Hanford, 559-583-1149. Check out their Facebook page. They provide a credentialed teacher for support, field trips throughout the year and monthly science classes.


Hallmark Charter School –2445 Ninth St, Sanger. 559-524-7170. Very rigorous independent study program. This would be a school-at-home program. You do what they give you and in their time frame. They do have on-campus classes as well.


Chawanakee Academy–46655 Road 200, O’Neals, 559-868-4200. They provide a credentialed teacher for guidance, curriculum and other resources, field trips, and twice monthly enrichment classes in O’Neals.


Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center — 31191 Road 180, Visalia. 559-592-9160. (Fresno satellite now open!)  See Fresno listing above for details on all that ERCLC offers.

Foothill/Mountain Area

Mountain Home School Charter — 41267 Highway 41, Oakhurst, 559 642-1422. Provides a credentialed teacher to guide families, as well as on site classes and resources.


Dunlap Leadership Academy–39500 Dunlap Rd, Dunlap, 559-305-7320. Online high school, available for Fresno County and surrounding counties.

Private School Satellite Programs (“PSP”s)

(These don’t generally offer curriculum, though some may…Usually they just take care of the legal record keeping for you.)

California Christian Academy PSP(Formerly Fresno Sunnyside Christian Academy and Fresno Christian Academy) Fresno area private school satellite program for homeschooling families throughout the Fresno area and Central California. We provide a variety of services for our member families for a nominal annual registration fee. See website for current fees.
559-251-9403 Or email Mrs. Ruiz

Fresno Christian Academy–K-12th grade. Fresno Christian Academy is a Private School Satellite Program (PSSP) for California families choosing to privately homeschool their children. We are a non-activity, non-campus school where parents privately homeschool their own children at home. We accept families statewide. Reasonable annual fee, curriculum assistance, legal covering, no teacher meetings and more. See website for current fees.
Email or call 559-240-5623.

Sierra View Christian Academy–K-12th grade.  SVCA is a group that serves homeschool families. We offer affidavit filing and record keeping services to families who teach their children at home. SVCA provides oversight, counsel, opportunity for testing, a support network and record keeping while the parents provide the direct instruction. We do not offer classes at this time. See website for current fees.
Email or call 559-281-0399 for more info.

Tower Christian–In addition to the school sponsored events, we provide opportunities for you to meet other families of similar life choices and interests with whom you can organize group experiences.

Virtual Public Schools
These are online schools that may or may not have local activities. Usually they offer very strict public school online curriculum. Because they are public funded, they are free, but testing is not optional. They may offer computers and other physical resources for children to use during the school year. 

California Virtual Academies (CAVA)
We are a fast growing, (over 3,000 students) school in California.  We feature the K12 curriculum and many socialization opportunities including park days, outings, group activities, etc.  We are WASC accredited and offer a K-9 grade curriculum.

Connections Academy
Tuition-free online public school for K-12. We are open to students in Fresno, Inyo, Kern, Kings, and Tulare counties.  We provide students with high-quality curriculum, dynamic lessons, state-of-the-art technology, and access to a dedicated team of certified teachers who work together from our office in Visalia under the direction of a principal.  And, Connections Academy is accredited by CITA, the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation.

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6 Replies to “Fresno Area Homeschool Options”

  1. I have been to Sierra charter, and k12 cava schools for homeschooling my children. This year we are going through inspire, which allows you to choose your own curriculum and allows you to spend 1600 per child on education/lessons/extracurricular activities. So far so good.

  2. i also am interested in any waldorf inspired schooling or homeschool groups. I would love to homeschool my daughter and pool resources with other parents doing the same.

  3. Hello, I am also interested in getting something like this going and know of some people that can help it get started if we are willing to put in some effort. Should we get together and talk about the possibility of starting a charter? They have one in Los Banos now.

  4. Good day!
    I am wondering if you know of any waldorf or waldorf inspired school or program in central California area
    Thank you
    Enjoy this beautiful day

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t. It has been tried several times to my knowledge to start something up, but it never gets far before it dies. 🙁 If you do find something, please let me know, as I’d like to help promote it! Fresno really does need something like this!

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