If you are wondering if homeschooling is for you and your family…I suggest reading “Homeschooling, California Style” by Ronnie Ugulano… (Ronnie is a local mom who has been homeschooling for over 9 years. I highly recommend her website, Pontiac High School, which has an incredible amount of awesome homeschooling info on it!) and “Essay on Homeschooling” by Larla Dey Maloney, a homeschooling student.

If you are concerned about preparing your child for the “Real World”, and think maybe public school is the best preparation for this, let me quote a very wise homeschooling mom (quoted with permission) and hopefully set your mind at ease:

“What about regular school is like the real world?
School, in general, and high school, in particular, seem to breed behaviors and feelings that many people spend the rest of their lives shaking off. Sometimes when I meet a VERY immature adult, I realize that they’re still treating life like high school…Success in life has nothing whatsoever to do with success in school. The type of competition taught and revered in most schools is detrimental to the cooperative teamwork that is needed for real success in business and personal happiness…It seems to teach a certain passivity in thinking. It breeds “followers” who can’t take a step on their own…The real leaders of tomorrow will be people who can stand on their own and think. Someone once said that children succeed despite their parents’ efforts to raise them (substitute schools).”

—  A homeschooling mom

Did you know that the Fresno area has a very large and active homeschooling community?

See below for the entire list of pages in this section, or check the page menu under “Homeschooling,” to learn more about homeschooling in general as well as specific info for our area.

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    4 Responses to Homeschooling

    • Andrea says:

      Looking for summer classes for my !4 yr old. He is a freshman at Caruthers High and struggling in math and science. Would like some information on what classes you offer.

      • Webmama_Tina says:

        Andrea, I’m not sure what you’re asking…you are posting on the homeschooling page. Homeschooling is when a parent educates their own child.

        I don’t offer any classes….I homeschool my own kids. This website offers lots of info on classes available in our area, but I don’t run any of them, I just list them on my site so others can find them.

        Sorry, I’m not any help. I’d look into the Fresno Adult School classes, if I were you. Or maybe Caruthers has an equivalent? Might also be able to do some classes at a community college.

    • Serena Lara says:

      I have a four year old daughter that I am interested in doing homeschooling but I would love to know the whole process I need to get it done.

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