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Check out the Fresno Public Library’s new mobile app!

Have you been to a Fresno County public library lately? If not, you need to get yourself out there! And pronto!

As a local homeschooler, we use our library system CONSTANTLY, let me tell you! I’m forever impressed by how much they have and how little of what I’m looking for they don’t have! Seriously, it’s not often that a book I’m looking for isn’t available somewhere in the system! And with their awesome online system, it’s super easy to just order online the books we are looking for, and have them sent to the library closest to us. Then when they come in, I get an email that they are ready for pick up! How can you not love that?

Here’s my youngest with his latest library read:20121113-145140.jpg
But the one thing that was missing was an iPhone app…NO MORE! Look for “FCPL mobile” in iTunes today! It’s free! And it’s awesome! You can order books, check on holds, renew checked out items, and even scan barcodes to look up things! I cannot say enough about this app!

Not only that, but the Fresno County Public Library also has an online system to pay your library fees online with a debit or credit card! They just make everything SO easy for you, and provide SOOOO many great resources, how can you not be using them?? Everyone in your family should have a library card and be using it regularly! It’s FREE!

I will leave you today with just a small sampling of my family’s latest check outs from the Fresno library that we’ve loved, or are currently enjoying:


In search of used snow clothes!

The Learning Village Homeschool Resource Center of Fresno is in search of used snow clothes to add to our lending library. Since most of us only make a handful of trips to the snow over the typical year, being able to check out clothes instead of purchase new ones every year could be very helpful to many families.

The lending library of educational resources is a free resource for Learning Village members, but membership is open to any and all local families, regardless of whether you homeschool or not. To learn more about membership, visit this page.

If you have snow clothes which still have wear left in them, in any size, for both boys and girls and adults…Such as snow pants, snow boots, snow gloves, snow coats, snow hats, etc…As well as snow toys such as saucers, sleds and snow shoes…Please c[intlink id=”9″ type=”page”]ontact me[/intlink], Fresno Family’s webmama, as I am also the president of The Learning Village and am in charge of this project. Thank you!!


Just got this from someone on one of my local mommy groups:

Whenever you see graffiti or tagging on a wall or door or street or sign or wherever, you can call the Fresno Police Department Graffiti Bureau and they will come and get rid of it within 24 hours. I think this is really cool, and the more people who call in, the cleaner our streets will be. It also discourages gang activity if the “tagging” is gone fast.

The # is 621-TAGS (8247)

And another great idea…someone responded that they entered it into their cell phone so that they can call when they see it when they are out and about town.

Great idea! Let’s all do it and help clean up Fresno!!

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