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Via Colori

Why do other places have the coolest events like this?

I regularly read blogs on the net, and just now read about Via Colori on this blog. They live in Ohio, so this is the Columbus Via Colori.

This just makes me wonder why Fresno doesn’t have really neat, cool events like this? (and the Move it, Dig it, Do it event I last blogged about).

Here’s some more webpages I found about Via Colori:
Via Colori on My Space–LOTS of great pictures on this one! AND a video!!
Via Colori on Flickr
A YouTube video of the Via Colori Houston
Here’s an interesting video ad for Via Colori Columbus

and just google “Via Colori” and you can find a LOT on the net…videos, pics, articles galore!!

I would rate this as another local event that someone needs to make happen in Fresno!!! I’ll add it to my wish list. 🙂

Move it, Dig it, Do it!!

Man! Fresno needs something like this!! Can you imagine how fun this could be?

Here’s one family’s blog entry (with pics!) about their day at this annual event put on by the Iowa Children’s Museum (This is the blog I found out about this event from!). Here’s another family’s blog entry about the day. And another.

And here’s another thing I found online about a similar event in Colorado.

I could totally see myself putting together something like this…but goodness knows I already have enough projects I’m working on…Anyone else want to take this on?

Come on! You know you want to! 🙂 Think how fun and COOL this would be!!!!

Someone organize this, please!!


what a cool idea! my mother-in-law sent me this link. and on it i found this link, which has even more info!

how cool is this idea? a clothing swap where you bring a bag of clothes to share and take home as much as you can carry, AND spruce them up there with all sorts of recycling decorative ideas! how neat!!

methinks fresno needs to do something like this, eh? anyone want to take it on?? 😉