Movies in the Park

Have you heard about this??
“Catch a free movie every Friday night at Eaton Plaza in downtown Fresno, from June 12 until August 7, 2015!”
(except July 3)

Click on the graphic above to see the list of movies!! Looks like a fun free family night!! 

We Got the Beat Summer Camp is nearly here!

We Got the Beat Camp starts week after next! June 22-26.

This will be my son’s second summer at We Got the Beat Summer Camp and I cannot say enough about Brenda and her programs. He loves the camp, he loves the sessions during the year (he takes the Adventures in Drumming classes the rest of the year)….Brenda is amazing, her classes are amazing!

So check out her week long day camp where kids that have never even SEEN a drum all the way up through experienced drummers like my son, who apparently has a natural ability and will be doing camp with the “beaters” (the experienced kids from the performance group, I believe) and those that have years of experience can all learn and enjoy percussion instruments and have an absolute blast at this unique week long half-day day camp.

Click here for the camp brochure to print:

CampBrochure2015 v2


Here’s what We Got the Beat Camp is like, according to my 9yr old, who attended for the first time last year:

“You go to different classes. Like there’s drum set class, where you play the drum set and there’s conga class where you play the congas and the bongos. There’s xylophone room where you play the xylophone. And there’s where you practice the songs in the biggest room. You have Diane, which is the teacher for this class and you play every instrument. They have gongs, xylophones, a drum set, there are congas, there’s all instruments from the other classes. And that’s where you practice the whole song all together, not just like parts of it.

I think it’s pretty fun! My favorite class is the drum set class, because I really like playing on the drum set.”

(Webmama note: I thought the drum set class looked pretty cool too because it was a room FULL of drum sets! Where you all play together! How cool is that?)

So your child will be put into age appropriate groups and rotate through various classes throughout the 3 hour day, learning parts of songs through various percussion instruments from a variety of highly skilled and wonderful teachers, culminating in pulling it all together in whole song/whole group learning at the end of each day. There is a final performance at the end of camp for the kids to show off their newly learned skills.

Super fun, super educational, and really neat to watch/listen to! Many of the kids go on to further pursue percussion classes with Brenda throughout the year, they are so jazzed by what they’ve learned. (But of course, that’s entirely optional….but I highly recommend, as my son LOVES his drumming classes all year long!)

Like I said, cannot recommend Brenda and We Got the Beat enough!!! Check it out!! Highly recommended by this Webmama!

Just saw this business posted…

Thought some of y’all might be interested in what she has to offer:

The Ohana Village

Looks like she offers swim classes, preschool prep, body movement, baby proofing….

If interested, contact HER via her website, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME. I do not run Ohana Village, I’m just sharing with y’all! (You wouldn’t believe how many emails and comments I get weekly of people who think I run every activity on this site! I’m just sharing the resources, people!!)  :)

New exhibits to open at Arte Americas celebrating local women artists

arteamericasFour new exhibits celebrating the female creative voice will open at Arte Américas on Wednesday, March 5.  The exhibition coincides with International Women’s Day and National Women’s History Month, and runs through Mother’s Day.   

The group show will feature women artists exclusively, all coming from Fresno and surrounding towns.  “Arte Américas, as an organization, is known as a venue that supports the Valley’s thriving art community,” said Curator Tony Carranza. “I think that anyone who visits between now and Mother’s Day will agree that this is a very strong show.”

The Ruiz Gallery will showcase a multimedia group show: ¡VIVA LA MUXER!  The exhibition includes works by fourteen veteran and emerging Central artists in a variety of media: photography, paintings on canvas, prints, and experiential installation environments.

The Fresno cultural center’s mission is to “create a flourishing place for Latino art,” but notably, not all of the participating artists in ¡VIVA LA MUXER! are, in fact, Latina.  Nanete Maki-Dearson’s was already a fan of Arte Américas, and was excited about her invitation to show her artwork in the gallery-space. “Encouraging visual arts, dance, music, authors…they’re a thriving, energized, highly generous community of support,” she said. 

Las Gallerías de la Comunidad – or Community Galleries – will feature two photographers. Rosa Elena Alvarez’s series of black and white staged images explore intimately personal themes.  Raw, honest, thought provoking, and beautifully noir – the artfully captured works by the Fresno State graduate have made her a rising local talent.  Alvarez enjoys the “magical nature of the darkroom,” and developed each of the prints to be shown in the collection.   

Oaxacan photographer Itandehui F. Ortiz’s photographs take the viewer on a tour behind the scenes of the current native peoples’ urban arts movement in Mexico.  Her series features women muralists in the region who create positive change in their communities.

Inside The Fresno Art Museum Partnership Gallery, a stunning collection of contemporary sculptures by Bay Area artist Viviana Paredes combine glass, bronze, wood and organic materials.  Paredes is Artist-In-Residence at the de Young Museum of San Francisco, and her work has been included in many group exhibitions from the U.S. to Mexico.

“We have a lot of great things planned…from workshops to collaborative events and presentations,” said Executive Director Frank Delgado. “The Fresno County Library and the Fresno State Women’s Studies Program are each presenting programs, Tai Chi, sugar s classes lined up” The exhibitions, and the spirit that inspired it, transcend the gallery walls,” he added.


MARCH 5, 2014 – MAY 11, 2014
1630 VAN NESS, FRESNO, CA  93712

Gallery Hours:   

  • Wed-Sat  11am-5pm
  • Sunday  1pm-5pm
  • Closed Monday/Tuesday

Important March dates:

  • March 6    –  Art Hop
  • March 8    –  International Women’s Day at Fresno City College (tabling)
  • March 15  –  Viva La Muxer artist’s reception
  • March 22  –  Sugar Skull workshop in the Plaza
  • March 23  –  Zelda Fitzgerald – Story of an Artist :  An educational presentation by Fresno County Public LibraryAdult Programming Librarian Linda Aragon in connection with “The Big Read” of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.
  • March 29   –  “Panza Power! A Student Performance of The Panza Monologues and Panel Discussion by Fresno State Women’s Studies Program Graduates.
  • March 30   –   Artist reception for photographer Rosa Elena Alvarez  2p-4p

Heads up about a change on

I just deleted the webpage that was all about City Ordinances. This is a page that I created probably a decade or so ago, from info that was given to me on a local election flier. I don’t even remember what candidate it was, but thought it was interesting that they had all these city ordinances on it. So I typed it all up and posted it as a webpage here, thinking it would be great info for some people to have.

HOWEVER, what ended up happening is that became the most commented on webpage, as I kept getting person after person after person writing to complain about the ordinances or to tell their stories about neighbors or people they know that don’t follow the rules or to ask questions about the ordinances.

It felt like the people posting were thinking that the page was run by a City official. It’s not. Everything on is from one person: me. I’m just a local mom, no connection to the City at all other than the fact that I live here.  I just decided I was tired of all the misunderstandings, so it was time to take that particular page down.

The truth is, the info may very well have been completely outdated anyway…and I didn’t like the magnet that page had become for questions and stories that really didn’t have a place on

So if you have any questions about Fresno City ordinances, I will ask you to now please direct them to the official City website: